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Choosing The Right Push Lawnmower

Choosing The Right Push Lawnmower

Mowing your lawn may be your favorite, or least favorite, chore but it is a necessary one. Now you may be looking at your lawnmower in angst, realizing that you’ve had it since the Millard Fillmore administration. Here are some tips just in case you’ve decided not to put off that pesky purchase just one more year:

1) If you have 10,000 acres a push mower is not for you unless you’ve been meaning to do a workout and like continuous, never-ending projects.

2) For those with smaller lawns and are looking for a push mower you have a few options. The first thing you have to consider is if you want to buy a gas, electric or a reel mower. Let’s go over each of these and how they apply to you.

Gas Mowers:
Self-Propelled gas mowers help cut down on your time mowing the lawn and have the most power of all the different types of push mowers, helping them cut longer grass.

Electric Mowers:
Electric mowers can either be corded or cordless. Corded electric mowers are ideal for smaller lawns because they will require an extension cord to help you navigate through your grass. Cordless mowers use rechargeable batteries and are nice if you are trying to cut down on your emissions. The knock on both the corded and cordless mowers are that they don’t have as much power as the gas, meaning you will need to mow your lawn more frequently.

Reel Mowers:
Looking to take a trip back to the 1950’s? The reel mower is just what you need. The engineless mower is ideal for small yards where you don’t have to push it up any hills. Another added bonus is the low maintenance. For the most part you will just need to make sure the blades are sharp. However, just like the electric mowers they are not ideal with long grass so you will have to mow more often.