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Spring Cleanout: The purpose of the spring cleanout is to remove excess nutrients and replenish the water1 This will help you regain control of string algae while aquatic plant and beneficial bacteria start to grow andcreate balance once again. 2.

Goldfish and koi hate wintertime more than we do. Neither species of fish are indigenous toNorth America, so in our colder climates, they merely "survive" winter. They don't flourish in it. In the southern part of our country, the winters are pretty balmy and very little ice appears on theponds.

For those of us in more northern climates, spring brings a time ofanticipation when the ice disappears from the water garden and you get the firstlook at your pond in the spring to see if you favorite aquatic friends survived thewinter.

Clean the pond. Remove all fish and place them in a large pail or barrelof original pond water in a shady spot somewhere. Remove all plants,keeping them wet and also in the shade. If a pond vacuum is available,vacuum the inside of the pond, changing 1/2 to 2/3 of the water.

The water in the pond should be in as good a condition as possible toinsure the survival of the fish during the winter! Water quality isabsolutely first priority, when winterizing your pond. Remove as much organic waste from the bottom of the pond as possibleusing a net and/or vacuum.

Cycles The ideal is to create a natural system that allows cycles to function. All cycles in nature (Water, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorous) work in conjunction with each other, not independently. Why do we focus on the Nitrogen Cycle in particular?