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General: ALL health problems that arise with fish are due to STRESS! This is pointed out by the following diagram (called the Venn Diagram): Common problems that arise involve Parasites, Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses. SUMMARY PARASITES: Chilodinella Costia Ichthyophthirius Trichodinia Flukes Argulus Web Sites BACTERIA FUNGI VIRUSES Parasites: We are likely to encounter any one of six types of parasites as follows: Chilodinella (Ciliated Protozoan)Return To List Under the microscope it has the shape of a man’s ear or a modified heart shape and tends to spin around as you observe it. You need to be quick, though, because it only lasts about 4 minutes once placed on a slide – then dies. Once it dies it appears as a large round organism full of tiny bubbles (may resemble Ich but does not have a crescent-shaped nucleus – nor is there any motion). “This organism is one of the fastest fish killers there is. ” (References made in quotes are taken from Koi Health and Disease by Erik L. Johnson, D.

Protein Essential to Koi and Goldfish Do not use a one-sided protein source as certain essential amino acids may be lacking. Choose 2 good quality foods and mix them (along with some treats! Some foods become rancid at room temperature)

By Dr. Erik L. Johnson, Veterinarian AAA Assess <> Assure <> Attack Assess, Assure, and then Attack. All fish sickness is a complex relationship of Pond Conditions, Fish Condition, and the “Bug” (Pathogen). “AAA” stands for the simple steps of “Assess, Assure, and Attack. ” That is, “Assess” the fish and pond, then “Assure” a healthy pond for the sick fish, then “Attack” the Bug. If you skimmed the above, you should re-read it, and understand that a failure to understand and deploy all three components of disease control will inevitably lead to failure. All the medicine in the land will NOT heal a fish that continues to live in an unclean pond. Conversely, a perfectly managed pond will not prevent a fish from being vulnerable to a serious But, and so on. “AAA” can be digested into Twenty “Action” Items, executed or considered in this EXACT order EVERY single time.