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Snack-Time For the Birds

Different sized bird feeders are created for different sized birds. Makes complete sense but it's more important than you would think. Larger birds, such as cardinals and mourning doves, tend to feed on hopper-type feeders that release food onto a tray where they can land.

Mini Trees Make A Big Impact

Not every Christmas tree has to be big enough to put gifts under. Some trees may be quite diminutive, but can still be quite charming. Like the European-style mini Christmas tree or the mini Alberta spruce that can be used to decorate windowsills and outdoor pots.

Wreath-er Madness

You've brought the Christmas tree home from the lot, but it isn't perfect, yet. So out come the garden shears to trim it just right. Now, what are you going to do with that pile of excess boughs? Simple--make fresh Christmas wreaths.

Spring Cleanout: The purpose of the spring cleanout is to remove excess nutrients and replenish the water1 This will help you regain control of string algae while aquatic plant and beneficial bacteria start to grow andcreate balance once again. 2.

Goldfish and koi hate wintertime more than we do. Neither species of fish are indigenous toNorth America, so in our colder climates, they merely "survive" winter. They don't flourish in it. In the southern part of our country, the winters are pretty balmy and very little ice appears on theponds.