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  • Starbar® Flyrelief Disposable Trap

    Manufacturer: Central Garden & Pet

    Insecticide-free disposable fly traps with built-in attractant. Easy and convenient to use. Excellent for use around pets, in the yard, kennel and garbage containers. Recommended for perimeter use. Active Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol.

  • EcoSmart Spider Blaster

    Manufacturer: ECOSMART

    Kills spiders (black widow, brown recluse, cellar, wolf, and others), scorpions, silverfish and other crawling insects. Hold container upright and aim nozzle away from person. Press button firmly to spray. Contact as many insects as possible. For spiders, apply until web is wet. Repeat as necessary. 9 oz.

  • Xeriscape Handbook

    Model: ISBN: 978-1-55591-346-5

    Provides hands-on advice in creating your own Xeriscape garden, no matter where you live. As water bills skyrocket and concern for conserving potable water increases, homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers seek alternatives. Xeriscape plant materials are water-conserving, beautiful, and thrive in specific environments. Xeriscape Handbook takes an easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to creating a water-wise garden. Environmental gardening factors are combined with the seven principles of Xeriscape and good gardening techniques.

  • What's Wrong with My Fruit Garden

    Model: By David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth

    100% Organic Solutions for Berries, Trees, Nuts, Vines, and Tropicals. What's Wrong With My Fruit Garden? offers a path toward a healthy garden packed with fresh fruit. In addition to learning how to diagnose a plant problem through clear visual keys, you will also learn the most effective organic solutions for every problem. Detailed plant portraits include information on growth; seasonality; temperature, light, and soil requirements; and planting techniques. The 37 plants include everything from almonds to watermelons.

  •  Coles® Dried Meal Worms

    Manufacturer: Coleman Cable

    Easier to feed and less messy than live mealworms, these energy packed morsels are Mother Nature’s perfect treat for all your insect loving songbirds. 3.52 oz.

  • Grow More Rapid Root Cloning Powder

    Model: 721645

    EPA registered cloning powder, 1 ounce of Rapid Root powder will treat over 1,500 cuttings. Our one dip treatment powder prevents cross contamination problems associated with liquid products. University tested system that parallels nature's own rooting action. EPA Reg. No. 70908-2. 2 ounces.

  • Garden Soft Tie

    Manufacturer: Hydrofarm Model: HGST

    Keep your fragile plants in secure comfort to ensure a long, sturdy growth period. Whether you're encouraging new growth to reach for the sky or are supporting cuttings and planting, use the garden soft tie as an extra buffer against wind and other disturbances.

  • Ross Plastic Trellis Netting 5' x16'

    Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Model: 039044175160

    5' x 16'. Provide a sturdy support for climbing fruits and vegetables with Ross® Trellis Netting. This space-saving netting gives climbing plants a place to grow, producing healthier plants, improved yields and more of your valuable garden space. Lightweight and easy to handle, Trellis Netting can be cut with scissors. The UV-protected plastic mesh is durable enough to reuse season after season.

  • Plant & Seed Guard 12' x10'

    Manufacturer: Dewitt Model: PG12

    DeWitt Plant & Seed Guard is a lightweight, .5oz, white spunbond fabric for use in grass seeding in commercial and residential sites. It creates an excellent microenvironment for seed germination and seedling growth. DeWitt Plant & Seed Guard provides a 90-95% average seed germination compared to 60-65% with straw or hay and can be used as a low cost insulation against the elements.

  • Squeeze Duster Applicator

    Manufacturer: Bonide Model: 053D

    Convenient, effective and re-usable. This squeeze/puffer duster is all that's needed to apply dust preparations to plants and pets.

  • Yield Booster

    Manufacturer: ferti-lome Model: 10605

    Helps stop blossom end rot on Tomatoes and setting of fruit and correcting calcium deficiencies. Blossom end rot can be recognized by the dark grey/ black sunken area on the blossom end (bottom of Tomatoes). Blossom end rot can be small or can cover almost half of the fruit and will decrease Tomato yield. 8 oz.

  • The Bug Blaster

    Whether you are a veteran gardener or a weekend warrior. THE BUG BLASTER™offers the safest and most effective non-toxic control for your garden pests. Imagine cleansing your green treasures with H2O. Novel as it is, this garden sprayer effectively controls aphids, whiteflies, mealy bugs, spider mites and more.