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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Border Concepts

These tree watering bags have a 20 lb. capacity and it easy to use & is reusable. Ideal for newly planted trees. This bag also prevents water runoff.

  • Manufacturer: Ames True Temper
  • SKU: 194214

Razor-Back, Long Handle, Square Point Shovel, Heavy Gauge, Tempered Steel Blade For Maximum Strength, North American Hardwood Handle For Strength & Durability. Forward Turned Step For Secure Footing, Cushioned Grip For Comfort & Control.

All covers are made with an all weather polyvinyl laminate material. The material is water, mold, fire and UV resistant. Big Bully Covers come standard with grommets at the lower seam to attach a lock if needed in the field. 

  • Manufacturer: Master Mechanic

Master Mechanic, 10" Compass Saw, Soft Pistol Grip High Impact Plastic Handle, 10 Teeth Per Inch Blade, Carded.

This miniature Travel Thermometer can be hung on a coat zipper, keychain or rearview car window utilizing the brass key ring at the top.  Fahrenheit and Celsius scales are displayed on opposing sides of the tube.

A hose that works in below-freezing temperatures. Pirit® Heated Hose is used to provide a constant source of water in freezing temperatures. Now available in approximately 12', 25', 50' and 100'.

  • Model Number: TH6LFB

4 inch dial with large easy-to-read numerals. Swivel arm mounting bracket with matching hardware. Adjustable for just the right viewing angle. Exclusive FR4 precision coil movement measures both Fahrenheit & Celsius more accurately across a greater range of temperatures. Hygrometer movement measures humidity. Solid brass & glass construction. Crystal won’t yellow or craze. Living Finish Brass won’t peel, flake or rust; patinas with age. Lifetime warranty.

Creates a very unique and beautiful spray pattern covering an area up to 38' in diameter. The ColorStorm™ Spinning Sprinkler head atomizes water into fine droplets for less water usage and thorough watering. Works well with water pressures between 20 and 80 psi.

  • Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
  • Model Number: FS4120

Compact, sharp stainless steel blades with double beveled tapered tips for precision cuts. Durable handle with soft touch feel for lightweight comfort and performance. Heavy-duty spring for reliable performance. Double-sided lock for left or right hand use. Handle and blades can be sterilized to limit cross contamination. 2 5/16 inch bladet.

  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm

Lightweight and reusable, Hydrofarm's fabric planters offer value and versatility to all gardening enthusiasts. Made from porous breathable fabric, these planters allow your plants to thrive, promoting exceptional root health and vigorous plant growth. 

Available Sizes: 3g up to 65g with or without the handles.

  • Manufacturer: Gardman USA

This Netting Grow Tunnel protects your crops from pests for Spring, Summer & Autumn use. Make growing your own easy!

The Perfect Garden Hose’s unique polypropylene double helix construction makes this the most flexible and only “unkinkable” garden hose.

This hat has a long bill with built in vented mesh panels! One size fits most.

Easy-to-install, adjustable strawberry supports elevate fruit off the ground, allowing air to circulate. This promotes even ripening and minimizes rot. Use in place of straw to decrease mold and mildew problems, especially during wet growing seasons. Innovative design allows for an easy installation on established plants.

Watering is incredibly convenient with the patented, 2-in-1, Radius Butterfly. Use as an ergonomic, handheld spray nozzle or open its unique wings to sprinkle up to 870 square feet with a gentle shower. 

  • Manufacturer: Panacea Products

2 gallon, vintage galvanized watering can, with green thumb logo, vintage look of mottled gray hues features contrasting painted accents, angled spout, 4" diameter diffuser included for a more gentle water flow, steel construction.

  • Manufacturer: DeWitt Company

DeWitt’s Sudden Shade is made from 100% UV-stabilized polyethylene. Its unique lock-stitch construction allows you the ability to cut the fabric with scissors without further unraveling. Sudden Shade is pre-cut at 12’ x 12’. Available in green and black. Includes clip-its & rope for installation.

The Bokashi Bucket is the easiest and most efficient way to turn all of your food scraps (including meat and dairy) into the ultimate nutrient rich soil for your garden and plants. Just layer your food waste with the Bokashi Activator Mix inside of the Bokashi Bucket. When your bucket is full, bury the contents in a trench or empty in a storage bin and cover with soil. In just four weeks your food waste will be fully broken down and ready for use on your garden, houseplants, lawn or trees.


  • Manufacturer: Midwest Air Technologies Inc.
  • Model Number: 889554A

7-Ft. x 100-Ft., 3/4-inch x 3/4-inch economy grade mesh. Black, PVC deer & bird netting. Protects landscapes, gardens, roofs and lawns from deer, birds and other plant eating animals.

  • Model Number: 90007-000-000

13.25" diameter dial thermometer. Outdoor, white with bold black numerals.

The Basic Outdoor Mist Cooling System is 10 Ft. of preassembled, ready-to-use, flexible misting line to help cool surrounding air temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This kit easily expands up to 50 Ft. with addition of the 3/8 In. Basic Extension Outdoor Mist Cooling System.

  • Manufacturer: Green Thumb Brand Lawn & Garden Products
  • Model Number: 27248

2-outlet digital watering timer turns hose faucets into a programmed sprinkler system in minutes. Large digital display, oversized dial, & simple controls. Programming is fast & easy. High quality materials & water resistant construction.

  • Manufacturer: Ecoxotic
  • Model Number: GCNT03B

Compost is the secret to keeping your trees and other large plantings healthy. While gardeners already think of compost as “black gold” for nourishing yard and garden, a new organic planting method uses food scraps directly from your Green Cycler.

  • Model Number: CLA103

Save your back with this handy garden kneeler. Makes gardening faster and easier. This Classic series tough grade garden kneeler bench is made with high quality steel, a powder coated finish and a durable resin wicker top. This kneeler folds for easy convenient storage.

  • Model Number: 710

7' x 20' Wildlife Netting. Suitable solution for blocking wildlife from all garden types. Easy to use, will not harm wildlife. Care free barrier and easy installation.