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Kelzyme 100% Organic Fossilized Sea Kelp, 8.8oz.

Kelzyme 100% Organic Fossilized Sea Kelp, 8.8oz.

  • Model Number: 8.8 oz. 100% Organic Fossilized Sea Kelp

Kelzyme is a completely organic mineral compfound derived from fossilized marine kelp rich in highly absorbable Organic Calcium and a broad spectrum of over 70 identified trace mineral and elements. Use Kelzyme as an Organic Soil conditioner, mineralizer and plant stimulator or as an organic animal and poultry feed additive. 

  • 100% Organic Mineral Soil Enhancement and Conditioner
  • Easily assimilied by plants and stimulates growth of all agricultural crops by promoting the production of cytokinins and auxins.
  • Water soluble, east to apply, and non-toxic
  • Stimules growth of helpful bacteria in the soil, making nutrients available for plants and represses harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • Loosens clay and eliminates compaction of soils.
  • Acts as an agent to prolong and increase traditional fertilizer's effectiveness.
  • Transplanting trees have a significantly better chance of survival with nurtients available from Kelzyme.

Feed Your Way to Success:

  • Livestock and poultry are healthier, experience accelerated groth, more vitality, improved healing and increased reproductive productivity.
  • Bovine diseases are partially or completely eradicated
  • Increases food digestion by stimulating stomach bacteria.
  • When added to POULTRY feed results in 10% increase in egg production, with thicker and stronger shells.
  • When added to HOG feed, results in increased fertility, more efficient weight gain and resolution of many consequences of mastitis.