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Pond Boss Pond De-Icer

Pond Boss Pond De-Icer

  • UPC: 871980012211
  • Model Number: DPH

The Pond Boss De-icer is recommended for ponds up to 600 gallons and will not harm your liner. This De-icer is thermostatically controlled to never get too hot and it will continue to maintain a hole in the ice even when temperatures reach -20° F. This hole allows toxic gases, caused by the breakdown of organic waste products in the pond water such as dead leaves or fish waste, to escape and oxygen to be replenished.

Depending on how many fish are in the pond, the thickness, nature of the ice, and how much debris has accumulated, failing to keep a breathing hole can result in stressed fish, disease and even the death of your fish during the winter seasons. Oxygen must always be replenished even during the winter months, so when your fish come out of their hibernation state, they will be very happy and healthy.