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Plant Nanny Pastel Fluted Water Globe/Stake

Plant Nanny Pastel Fluted Water Globe/Stake

  • Model Number: 8114

Aesthetically pleasing in any environment, our hand blown glass globes make a great addition to any plant. Whether you choose a color to complement your plant, or a clear globe for a subtle yet elegant look, these attractive globes add beauty to any decor while making your busy life easier.

Start by pre-moistening your plant’s soil, gently insert our terracotta stake near the center of the plant. The shape of the stake allows it to be inserted into the soil without damaging the plant’s root system. Filling the glass globe with water is easy, with the new Saturn-style finial. Fill the globe at the tap then turn it over and insert the globe neck into the stake. See when to refill at a glance.