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Pest A Cator Pest Deterrant

Pest A Cator Pest Deterrant

The Pest-A-Cator® 2000 is specifically designed for larger homes, apartments, condominiums, and mobile homes. Just plug it into any 110V indoor outlet and the patented pulse technology signal is sent throughout your home!

Pest A Cator® 2000 is NOT an ultrasonic product. It works with the electrical wiring in your home. The electrical wiring inside your home already has an existing field surrounding it.

When Pest A Cator® is plugged in, it pulses this field. It doesn't really add to or take away from the field - just pulses it. Rodents like to live and nest inside the walls. They feel the pulse and don't like it, so it drives them out. This means that if there is an infestation of rodents, you WILL see more during the first four weeks or so, because the Pest A Cator® is helping drive them out of the walls.

We recommend using traps, glue boards, etc. the first few weeks to help clean up the initial problem. Additional units are recommended for larger single level areas or multiple story structures.