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  • UPC: 038313000899
  • Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
  • SKU: 137745
Anvil Pruner, 3/4" dia. cutting capacity. Replaceable Blade & Brass Anvil.

  • UPC: 622422264008
  • SKU: PG-S2-E
Ergonomic secateur for all pruning work in the home garden. The horizontal and vertical angles of the cutting head allow for natural alignment of hand and forearm, reducing strain.

  • UPC: 038313839116
  • SKU: 834903
Resharpenable, forged coronium steel alloy blades.

  • UPC: 038313041502
  • Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
  • SKU: 677833
Aluminum handles, 1.5" Diameter Cutting Capacity.

  • UPC: 027997013745
  • SKU: 447326
Gard-N-Grip, 24" lawn & leaf Rake. 22 flexible continuous steel tines, 48" cushioned grip handle.

  • UPC: 038313260200
  • SKU: 190959
16 gauge, round-point shovel.

  • UPC: 038313037109
  • SKU: 818375
Cast aluminum heads, ergonomic molded grip for greater comfort.

  • UPC: 049206188228
  • SKU: 206505
Tough built fiberglass garden hoe constructed of a state of the art fiberglass that Is 10% lighter & 25% stronger than traditional fiberglass.

  • UPC: 052088039878
  • Manufacturer: Apex Tool Group LLC
  • SKU: 676694
Green thumb carbon steel blade cultivator, hammertone finish.

  • UPC: 042579123537
  • Manufacturer: DeWitt Products
  • Model Number: PG12

DeWitt Plant & Seed Guard is a lightweight, .5oz, white spunbond fabric for use in grass seeding in commercial and residential sites. It creates an excellent microenvironment for seed germination and seedling growth. DeWitt Plant & Seed Guard provides a 90-95% average seed germination compared to 60-65% with straw or hay and can be used as a low cost insulation against the elements.

  • Manufacturer: Hydrofarm
  • Model Number: HGST

Keep your fragile plants in secure comfort to ensure a long, sturdy growth period. Whether you're encouraging new growth to reach for the sky or are supporting cuttings and planting, use the garden soft tie as an extra buffer against wind and other disturbances.

  • Manufacturer: Bonide

A 1.3 gal. capacity sprayer that is durable and easy to use. Eliminates had fatigue. Funnel mouth for fast and easy filling. Fan and straight stream spray patterns. Great for pesticides, repellents, cleaners or simply water.

  • Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
  • Model Number: FS4120

Compact, sharp stainless steel blades with double beveled tapered tips for precision cuts. Durable handle with soft touch feel for lightweight comfort and performance. Heavy-duty spring for reliable performance. Double-sided lock for left or right hand use. Handle and blades can be sterilized to limit cross contamination. 2 5/16 inch bladet.

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: 51619

3 machines in one; powerful blower, high speed vacuum and leaf shredder. 350 CFM blow mode and 410 CFM Vac mode. Up to 250 mph maximum air speed. Metal impeller improves for superior mulching and vacuum performance.

  • Manufacturer: Master Mechanic

Master Mechanic, 10" Compass Saw, Soft Pistol Grip High Impact Plastic Handle, 10 Teeth Per Inch Blade, Carded.

All covers are made with an all weather polyvinyl laminate material. The material is water, mold, fire and UV resistant. Big Bully Covers come standard with grommets at the lower seam to attach a lock if needed in the field. 

  • Manufacturer: Ames True Temper
  • SKU: 194214

Razor-Back, Long Handle, Square Point Shovel, Heavy Gauge, Tempered Steel Blade For Maximum Strength, North American Hardwood Handle For Strength & Durability. Forward Turned Step For Secure Footing, Cushioned Grip For Comfort & Control.

  • Manufacturer: Scotts

The Scotts® Wizz™ spreader is designed to handle any job with ease. Whether you want to feed, seed, weed or melt, our new battery-powered ghandheld spreader will help you get the job done faster and easier. It's our most advanced spreader yet, powered by 4-AA with 23 settings for unbeatable accuracy.

Enjoy juicy, ripe tomatoes! The planter acts like a greenhouse, and the root system explodes and thrives! Topsy Turvy® is easy to install; no bending, caging, stalking or weeding. Grow organic tomatoes as well as other vegetables with Topsy Turvy® tomato planter!

Red Rooster® Hori Hori high quality knife and saw blade action. Ideal for digging, weeding, transplanting, and many other uses. 6-1/2” stainless steel blade with special angle – Poly handle. Fully warranted against manufacturer’s defects, this knife offers superior quality and durability.

  • Manufacturer: Green Thumb Brand Lawn & Garden Products

Green Thumb, Opening Price Point, Garden Bulb Planter, Chrome-Plated Blade, Hardwood Handle.

The BioCare® Ladybug Lures contain a pheromone which acts like a magnet that tells beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, where to find food. Use Ladybug Lures with live ladybugs to keep them in your garden longer. Each package contains four lures.  Replace lures every 3 to 4 weeks. Helpful hint: Place the lures whenever aphid infestations are seen. Use 1 lure every 6 feet through your garden or green house.  Contains 4 lures.

  • Manufacturer: Zep, Inc.

If you think all sprayers are alike, think again. The Zep Commercial Professional Sprayer features an ergonomic trigger and adjustable nozzle that delivers anything from a fine mist to a 30-foot stream. Graduated measurement marks make mixing easy and there’s a label area to identity the contents.

  • Manufacturer: Luster Leaf Inc

For use with traditional sized gardens (potatoes, tomatoes, etc), flowering beds, or areas with plants spaced further apart.