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Revive, 64 oz, dog spot treatment, for pet urine burns in turf, eliminates the need to re-seed or re-sod the burn spots, organic based & safe for use around kids & pets, works for cat & rabbit spots, creates re-growth from the roots, will not burn & results are usually within 10-14 days, 1 bottle treats approximately 100-150 spots.


32 oz, organic lawn saver urine spot treatment, prevents urine burns in your lawn, when applied on existing urine burns our innovative & safe formula helps your lawn recover faster from the effects of pet urination, child & pet friendly, does not contain synthetic dyes, chemicals, or animal by-products.

  • Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn & Garden

Increases the rate which water soaks into the soil. Conditions soil for more efficient use of water. Designed specifically for use on soils in the Western region of the U.S. Completely bio-degradeable. Covers 5000 sq ft. Contains nitrogen, iron, zinc, and manganese as chelated micronutrients.

  • Manufacturer: Hoffman A H Inc | Good Earth

Faster acting than ordinary ground limestone, reduces soil acidity and increases efficiency of fertilizer, apply in spring & fall.