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  • UPC: 038313000899
  • Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
  • SKU: 137745
Anvil Pruner, 3/4" dia. cutting capacity. Replaceable Blade & Brass Anvil.

  • UPC: 622422264008
  • SKU: PG-S2-E
Ergonomic secateur for all pruning work in the home garden. The horizontal and vertical angles of the cutting head allow for natural alignment of hand and forearm, reducing strain.

  • UPC: 038313839116
  • SKU: 834903
Resharpenable, forged coronium steel alloy blades.

  • UPC: 038313041502
  • Manufacturer: Corona Garden & Landscape Tools
  • SKU: 677833
Aluminum handles, 1.5" Diameter Cutting Capacity.

  • UPC: 027997013745
  • SKU: 447326
Gard-N-Grip, 24" lawn & leaf Rake. 22 flexible continuous steel tines, 48" cushioned grip handle.

  • UPC: 038313260200
  • SKU: 190959
16 gauge, round-point shovel.

  • UPC: 038313037109
  • SKU: 818375
Cast aluminum heads, ergonomic molded grip for greater comfort.

  • UPC: 049206188228
  • SKU: 206505
Tough built fiberglass garden hoe constructed of a state of the art fiberglass that Is 10% lighter & 25% stronger than traditional fiberglass.

  • UPC: 052088039878
  • Manufacturer: Apex Tool Group LLC
  • SKU: 676694
Green thumb carbon steel blade cultivator, hammertone finish.

  • UPC: 016698004459
  • SKU: LC399-TAUPE
One-size fits all. Adjustable inner drawstring. Many colors available.

  • UPC: 757456991726
  • SKU: 768463
  • Model Number: WS-9625TWC-IT-TCP
15 forecast icons based on temperature and air pressure readings.

  • UPC: 093432601808
  • Manufacturer: Panacea Products
  • SKU: 820136
  • Model Number: 60180
Measures Moisture Content Of Soil, No Batteries Needed, Indoor Or Outdoor Use.

  • UPC: 035307018106
  • SKU: 709074
  • Model Number: 1810
Mini moisture meter. Instantly Tells You When To Water Plants, Prevents Over Watering, Ideal For Plants Grown In Window Boxes, Hanging Baskets & Growbags.

  • UPC: 719908321437
  • SKU: 376798
  • Model Number: CMP-05
Made Of 100% Recycled Plastic, Comes With A Stand, Holds 7 CUFT.

  • UPC: 044365018324
  • Manufacturer: Suncast
  • SKU: 131908
  • Model Number: TCB6800
6.5CUFT usable capacity. Sturdy galvanized steel frame.

  • Manufacturer: La Crosse Technology
  • SKU: 131016
  • Model Number: WS-9009BK-IT-CBP
Wireless temperature station, wireless outdoor thermometer, indoor temperature, records minimum & maximum temperature, battery life up to 24 months, low battery indicator, transmission range: up to 260 feet, wall hanging or free standing, includes 1 outdoor sensor.

  • SKU: 106841
  • Model Number: 9301GT
Green Thumb mechanical water timer with continuous watering.

  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products
  • SKU: 167604
  • Model Number: 16301

Ross, 6'x 12' trellis netting. Sturdy support for climbing fruit and vegetables.

  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products
  • SKU: 812717
  • Model Number: 15991

Ross, 26' x 30' garden netting. 3/4" diamond black mesh, prevents birds, deer & other animals from eating vegetation & fruit crops. Made from tough uv protected polypropylene, reusable season after season. Safe & non-toxic, won't harm animals.

  • Manufacturer: Animal Health International

Waters and fertilizes at root level. Saves water - perfect for drought. Easy to use - no mixing or measuring

  • Manufacturer: Animal Health International

12 pack, evergreen/acid loving root feeder refill. Perfect balance of nutrients directly to plants' roots. Easy to use formula for evergreens. No mixing or measuring. Specially formulated for acid-loving plants, such as evergreens, azaleas, magnolias and many others.

  • Manufacturer: La Crosse Technology

The wireless sensor monitors the temperature and humidity conditions of the surrounding environment and alerts you if there is a problem.

  • Manufacturer: Lucchese
  • Model Number: 1825

This sleek updated design offers an instant and easy to read digital format. It checks soil moisture where it counts: at root level. Monitoring a plant's soil moisture level helps prevent over and / or under watering. Batteries required and included.

  • Model Number: 1845

The slender redesigned meter style provides an easier to read, instant digtal read-out. It measures and displays the acidity / alkalinity of garden and container soil. Batteries are required and included.