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  • Model Number: 1600

40 tests: 10 each for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Patented color comparator system.

  • Model Number: 373

Holds 35 tubes. The Blue Orchard Mason Bee, technically known as Osmia lignaria, is an excellent pollinator. Each one can do as much pollinating as 120 honey bees. This kit will help attract these beneficial bees to your garden. Since Mason Bees are solitary bees and do not make hives, they are always looking for a place to make a home. They look for a hole or tunnel that has been bored out by a beetle or other insect and go in and clean it out. When they find these tubes that are the perfect size and shape, and already cleaned out, they will move right in! Includes nest with 35 tubes and mounting bracket.

  • Model Number: JSAR50

Start growing on a small scale, then watch your plants take root! The ROOT!T AccelaROOT 50-cell tray gives you up to 50 small "homes" for your seedlings and cuttings. This finely crafted tray is made to help you jump start growth. Once you've started to sprout, plugs come out of the tray cells easily to be transplanted into bigger pots or a garden setup, letting you start all over again -- with the same tray. No more equipment to buy!

  • Model Number: 14330

Flexible insulated leather utility gloves for rough outdoor jobs. Designed with durable pigskin leather and 100gm insulation for added warmth. Finished with a thick cotton fabric back hand, elastic wrist, reinforced fingers and knuckles and a 2" safety cuff.

The Old Farmer's Almanac, North America's oldest continuously published periodical, features the best in home, garden, history, food, and fun. All this and our famous weather casts: as always, traditionally 80% accurate. Yankee Publishing.

  • Manufacturer: Hudson

Green Thumb, Chameleon Hose End Sprayer, connects directly to chemical concentrate bottles. You can dial to any setting of concentrate dilution. It works as a conventional hose end sprayer. Quick discconect hose fitting.

Reduce sticks, leaves, small branches and sticks, and other yard waste with this electric garden chipper/shredder by Earthwise. This garden must-have turns your unwanted garden materials into nutrient-rich compost that can be utilized for fertilizer.

  • Model Number: EGB 24-48

Excellent for small patios, decks, condos and apartments, anywhere you'd like to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers. The Elevated Garden Bed eliminates bending over while gardening and is perfect for gardeners with mobility and back strain issues.

  • Model Number: VG 32-45

Gardening is even easier with Vertical Gardening, with a small footprint, just 2 sq.; it's possible to have a garden just about anywhere. Comes pre-assembled and includes a drip line irrigation system, so you can water less and enjoy growing more.`

  • Model Number: 1601

40 tests: 10 each for pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Patented color comparator system.

  • Model Number: 1845

The slender redesigned meter style provides an easier to read, instant digtal read-out. It measures and displays the acidity / alkalinity of garden and container soil. Batteries are required and included.

  • Manufacturer: Lucchese
  • Model Number: 1825

This sleek updated design offers an instant and easy to read digital format. It checks soil moisture where it counts: at root level. Monitoring a plant's soil moisture level helps prevent over and / or under watering. Batteries required and included.

  • Manufacturer: La Crosse Technology

The wireless sensor monitors the temperature and humidity conditions of the surrounding environment and alerts you if there is a problem.

  • Manufacturer: Animal Health International

12 pack, evergreen/acid loving root feeder refill. Perfect balance of nutrients directly to plants' roots. Easy to use formula for evergreens. No mixing or measuring. Specially formulated for acid-loving plants, such as evergreens, azaleas, magnolias and many others.

  • Manufacturer: Animal Health International

Waters and fertilizes at root level. Saves water - perfect for drought. Easy to use - no mixing or measuring

  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products
  • SKU: 812717
  • Model Number: 15991

Ross, 26' x 30' garden netting. 3/4" diamond black mesh, prevents birds, deer & other animals from eating vegetation & fruit crops. Made from tough uv protected polypropylene, reusable season after season. Safe & non-toxic, won't harm animals.

  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products
  • SKU: 167604
  • Model Number: 16301

Ross, 6'x 12' trellis netting. Sturdy support for climbing fruit and vegetables.

  • SKU: 106841
  • Model Number: 9301GT
Green Thumb mechanical water timer with continuous watering.

  • Manufacturer: La Crosse Technology
  • SKU: 131016
  • Model Number: WS-9009BK-IT-CBP
Wireless temperature station, wireless outdoor thermometer, indoor temperature, records minimum & maximum temperature, battery life up to 24 months, low battery indicator, transmission range: up to 260 feet, wall hanging or free standing, includes 1 outdoor sensor.

  • UPC: 044365018324
  • Manufacturer: Suncast
  • SKU: 131908
  • Model Number: TCB6800
6.5CUFT usable capacity. Sturdy galvanized steel frame.

  • UPC: 719908321437
  • SKU: 376798
  • Model Number: CMP-05
Made Of 100% Recycled Plastic, Comes With A Stand, Holds 7 CUFT.

  • UPC: 035307018106
  • SKU: 709074
  • Model Number: 1810
Mini moisture meter. Instantly Tells You When To Water Plants, Prevents Over Watering, Ideal For Plants Grown In Window Boxes, Hanging Baskets & Growbags.

  • UPC: 093432601808
  • Manufacturer: Panacea Products
  • SKU: 820136
  • Model Number: 60180
Measures Moisture Content Of Soil, No Batteries Needed, Indoor Or Outdoor Use.

  • UPC: 757456991726
  • SKU: 768463
  • Model Number: WS-9625TWC-IT-TCP
15 forecast icons based on temperature and air pressure readings.

  • UPC: 016698004459
  • SKU: LC399-TAUPE
One-size fits all. Adjustable inner drawstring. Many colors available.