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  • UPC: 807472304472
  • SKU: DE1769
Manufacturer: CREATIVE CO-OP Perfect for any d

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  • SKU: 44122

  • SKU: 10904
Manufacturer: STONE WORLD Hand carved of solid granite. Available Colors: Beige Sixe: 4" H Weight: 1 lb.

  • SKU: 1052-MX
Colorful glazed ceramic container with stainless steel cup to burn gel fuel. Metal snuffer to put out fire. Reactive glaze makes each Firelite unique, with coloring and highlights created in the firing process.

  • UPC: 042122961975
  • SKU: T6197
2 Pack, Stately Pink Flamingos.

  • Seamless steel tray with no-scratch edges
  • Real wood wheelbarrow handles
  • Durable molded wheels

  • UPC: 180381000285

Finally a creative kit to share the love of gardening with "little helpers"!!  Order NOW for this spring when the Garden Cookies: Make & Grow Kit can be made AND PLANTED directly in the warmer soil of the spring season.

  • UPC: 022179101951
  • Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn & Garden
  • SKU: 100048085
  • Model Number: LG8405

100% organic product made up of potassium carboxaylates, carbohydrates and a corrosive inhibitor. Used as a de-icer to melt snow and ice. Read to use. Simply put in a hand pump up sprayer and apply to the area where ice is a problem. Non-corrosive and will not harm any plant life. Has no odor and will not stain. No mixing required.

These beautiful Globe Ice Lantern Kits contain the essential supplies and instructions you need to start making beautiful Globe Ice Lanterns. The kits, or the lanterns you create, make wonderful and unique gifts for family, friends and neighbors! Enjoy the Glow!

Presenting valuable insight gleaned from a winter tour of southern France, the author presents simple, inexpensive, and low-tech ways to extend the harvest season. 60 new illustrations 16-page color section. Chelsea Green Publishing.

  • Model Number: Metro 22

22'' wide snow pusher. Manplow Metro is the ideal solution for snow removal. It is perfectly suited for light commercial and residential snow removal because it is lightweight, heavy-duty and easy to use.

Alfalfa Bales from Nevada Hay Growers Association.

Grass Bales rom Nevada Hay Growers Association.

  • Manufacturer: Netherland Bulb

Amaryllis are one of the easiest bulbs to grow indoors in a warm sunny location.

  • Manufacturer: Netherland Bulb

Everybody loves "Paperwhites". This kit makes a really nice gift. Paperwhites are the sweet-smelling daffodils that bloom just as well on your coffee table as regular daffodils do in your garden. Several multi-flowered stems from each bulb! Detailed instructions.

  • SKU: 3352393

This precious little owl is here to spread some holiday cheer! Decked out with a holly-trimmed Santa hat and a fuzzy, feathery exterior, it's finished with marble eyes and a lightweight construction for easy-as-can-be decorating.

  • SKU: 2302020

The Jerusalem artichoke, (Helianthus tuberosus L.), also known as Sunchoke, can be produced throughout the United States. However, the plant is better adapted to the northern two-thirds of the country than the southern third. Jerusalem artichokes are also often used for pickling purposes. The fresh tuber tastes like a water chestnut and is used in salads. Tubers can also be cooked like potatoes.

  • UPC: 073841567087

The Safe Step Sure Paws Pet-Friendly Ice Melt is 100% all-natural and does not contain any salt. Safe for pets, humans and vegetation, the melt features a non-toxic formula and will not irritate skin. It can be used in temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. 8 lbs.

  • UPC: 044365005799
  • Model Number: SC1300

Blue poly snow shovel/pusher combo. 18''w x 12''h. Deep blade for lifting or pushing. 51'' overall length. Poly coated, ribbed 1-1/8'' steel core shaft. D handle.

  • UPC: 049206162532
  • Model Number: 1625300

Most Versatile snow tool on the market. It-foots a shovel, pusher and snow sled all in one tool. Multi grip handle allows you to push, lift and throw snow from your optimal ergonomic position. Nothing in the market can compete with this new innovative design. Show your driveway who-foots boss.

  • UPC: 022179101944
  • Model Number: LG8400

100% organic product made up of potassium carboxaylates, carbo-hydrates and a corrosive inhibitor. Used as a de-icer to melt snow and ice.

Our mushroom kits let you grow mushrooms at home with all the necessary components you need to grow several crops of mushrooms over 6 to 12 weeks. Just add water and wait for the mushrooms to grow. The first crop of mushrooms is generally ready to pick within just 3 to 4 weeks.

  • UPC: 781052066793
  • Model Number: DS5629BR

 Dimplex DS5629BR Bronze Traditional Electric Stove is ideal for all living spaces. Patented lifelike flame effect. Thermostat controlled for year round comfort. Product Dimension 25"W x 26.5"H x 15.5"D. Makes a great conversation piece when entertaining. Perfect as supplemental heat for any living space.

Lignetics wood pellets are made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste. Our wood pellets contain all-natural biomass products and are manufactured at the highest quality control levels, designating our wood pellet fuel as premium grade.