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  • UPC: 022179101951
  • Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn & Garden
  • SKU: 100048085
  • Model Number: LG8405

100% organic product made up of potassium carboxaylates, carbohydrates and a corrosive inhibitor. Used as a de-icer to melt snow and ice. Read to use. Simply put in a hand pump up sprayer and apply to the area where ice is a problem. Non-corrosive and will not harm any plant life. Has no odor and will not stain. No mixing required.

  • UPC: 180381000285

Finally a creative kit to share the love of gardening with "little helpers"!!  Order NOW for this spring when the Garden Cookies: Make & Grow Kit can be made AND PLANTED directly in the warmer soil of the spring season.

  • Seamless steel tray with no-scratch edges
  • Real wood wheelbarrow handles
  • Durable molded wheels

  • UPC: 042122961975
  • SKU: T6197
2 Pack, Stately Pink Flamingos.

  • SKU: 1052-MX
Colorful glazed ceramic container with stainless steel cup to burn gel fuel. Metal snuffer to put out fire. Reactive glaze makes each Firelite unique, with coloring and highlights created in the firing process.

  • SKU: 10904
Manufacturer: STONE WORLD Hand carved of solid granite. Available Colors: Beige Sixe: 4" H Weight: 1 lb.

  • UPC: 807472304472
  • SKU: DE1769
Manufacturer: CREATIVE CO-OP Perfect for any d