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  • SKU: 819225
Keep your garden or flower beds weed-free.

  • UPC: 038398008148
10 Pack, fabric & sod Staple. Use with all types of fabric & plastic film.

  • SKU: 105992
  • Model Number: BMP82010-50
20 lb, red, rubber mulch. Loose rubber mulch will not decompose or discolor, heavier than traditional mulches, will not float, wash or blow away, bag.

  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products
  • SKU: 109647
  • Model Number: 8416

3.5" x 16', brown ultra edging, composite material, earth friendly, made from renewable wood particles. 25 year guarantee against cracking, rotting or peeleing. Seamlessly edge planting areas, stakes included.

  • Manufacturer: Soil Retention

Permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system.

The VERDURA® retaining wall system was created with the do-it-yourselfer in mind. The name VERDURA® comes from VERdant (green with vegetation) combined with DURAbility. VERDURA® offers the opportunity to create "living walls"; providing the strength and function of a standard retaining wall plus the added ability to sustain live plantings.

  • UPC: 858297002043
  • SKU: 155930

The envirohold 4 liter (1.06 gal) concentrate refill locks mulch, pinestraw, gravel and other ground cover in-place from the effects of wind, rain, erosion, blowers and mowers. 

  • Model Number: 1500

1.58 gallons (6 Liter) of Envirohold ready-to-use with no mixing required. Includes a durable, re-usable sprayer. Just pump, point and spray. Covers up to 1,500 sq. ft. of ground cover.

  • Manufacturer: Border Concepts

These tree watering bags have a 20 lb. capacity and it easy to use & is reusable. Ideal for newly planted trees. This bag also prevents water runoff.

  • Manufacturer: Absorbent Specialty Products, LLC

Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags are non-hazardous, non-toxic and will naturally degrade over time. Quick Dam flood control products contain a super absorbent powder that absorbs water, swells, gels and creates a barrier, containing or diverting problem water. Stack multiple Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags to build a retaining wall. Lay flood barriers across driveways, in front of garage doors or in the path of problem water. 

  • Manufacturer: Frost King

Frost King's Drain Away downspout extender fits all standard downspouts. It directs water away from your foundation. This version is twice as long as the standard Drain Aways. Installs easily without the need for tools. Simply slide it over your downspout and secure it with the provided zip-ties. Can be cut to any length with household scissors. Unrolls automatically when it rains. Roll it back up manually when the weather clears.

  • Model Number: Dramm

The ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler creates a very unique and beautiful spray pattern covering an area up to 38 ft in diameter. The ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler head atomizes water into fine droplets for less water usage and thorough watering. This sprinkler has the ability to work with water pressure from a low of 20 psi. It is great for well systems and works up to a high water pressure of 80 psi. The ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler has a heavy-duty stationary base for stability and a molded hook for easy storage. Available in Dramm’s six vivid colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue and berry. Lifetime guarantee to the consumer.