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Encap® Earthworm Castings

Encap® Earthworm Castings

Encap® Earthworm Castings are 100% pure worm castings. They are a natural source of plant nutrients. Encap® Earthworm castings are carefully harvested and packaged to provide the best results. They are great for indoor and outdoor plants, vegetables, flowers, and shrubs.

Professional growers know the many benefits of worm castings:

  • Improves overall soil structure and porosity
  • Aids in the proliferation of soil microbes
  • Encourages vigorous root growth
  • Allows plants to more effectively utilize nutrients
  • Enables soils to retain nutrients longer
  • Assists in aggregating soil, making nutrients more available for plant uptake
  • Improves moisture holding capacity of light soils
  • Reduces nutrients lost by leaching