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Green Edge Fertilizer

Green Edge Fertilizer

  • Model Number: Green Light

GreenEdge® slow-release fertilizers provide essential nutrients for a healthy lawn and garden. Our patented process utilizes advanced nutrient recycling to create the most effective and efficient fertilizers on the market.


GreenEdge® fertilizers are safe, efficient, and easy to use.

  • Will not burn grass or plants – contains virtually no chemical salts, there’s no need to worry about foliar burning
  • Supplies essential nutrients for vibrant color, healthy root growth, and disease resistance
  • See effects in 2-5 days, with ongoing results for up to 14 weeks
  • Holds in moisture so you use less water
  • Slow release mechanism prevents nutrient leaching and runoff  to protect water bodies
  • Specially formulated for easy spreading and application
  • Superior nutrient release, so you use less