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Flour & Pantry Moth Trap 

  • Model Number: Pest No More

The pestNOmore® Flour Moth Trap is scientifically designed for use in your home, barn, or pet store - anywhere there is bird seed, animal feed, grains, flour, or cereals. The trap is designed to interrupt the Flour Moth breeding cycle. The trap contains Flour Moth female pheromones that attract the males that are captured in the trap before they can mate. The long-term use of the pestNOmore® Flour Moth Trap will reduce infestations without the use of toxic chemicals. Like all Green Earth Products', this trap is scientifically designed on insect behavior and contains no poisons or toxins of any kind. It is safe near children and pets and is easy to use. Each package of pestNOmore® Flour Moth Traps contains 2 baited traps, and each trap will last up to 3 months.