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  • Manufacturer: Wilco Distributors Inc

An inexpensive ‘General Purpose’ probe. The unique design allows you to probe a gopher run, remove the probe and then insert the supplied baiting funnel. The extended measuring spoon is included to apply the labeled amount of bait. This probe not only works with the WILCO Milo based baits, it works with other irregular shaped baits that are not compatible with the WILCO Gopher Bait Applicator or the WILCO Midget applicator. Baits like short and long grain carriers are ideally suited to the “Probe ‘N Funnel”. It can also be used to dispense fertilizer. There is no danger of harming children or other animals when used as instructed. Simply put appropriate bait into the applicator reservoir, locate tunnels by probing around fresh dirt mounds and deposit bait deep in each tunnel by turning the crank arm. Nothing to disposed of. When mounds stop appearing, you know the job is done.