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Join Rail City Garden Center owner, Pawl Hollis Saturdays at 8:00AM for Garden Talk on KOH 780AM!
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5th Annual Harvest Fall Festival is coming up! We have plenty of room for artisans and crafters! Please call 775.355.1551 to join!

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September Garden Tips

The days are growing shorter and the temperatures are growing cooler, but even in September, gardening season isn't over. Well-prepared gardeners have a variety of tasks to do in late summer and early fall, and each chore will help keep the garden thriving.

Plants To Attract Bees

Bees are critical pollinators essential in the garden and flowerbeds. A yard with a healthy bee population will have larger crops of healthier fruits, vegetables and flowers, and it is important to offer plenty of different plants that will entice bees to lend a helping buzz in the garden.

Special Offers

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9/5: Hoop Houses - Large and Small - 11am-Noon & 1-2pm

The growing season can easily be extended by constructing simple cold weather protection. Large and small sizes will be covered. Classes are subject to change - possible no 1pm class depending on weather & availability.

5th Annual Harvest Festival and Artisan Fair

9/12 - 9/13/2015
Our 5th annual Harvest Festival & Artisan Fair on September 12 & 13th. Come see the harvest of our local farmers and gardeners, enjoy great food, fun activities for the kids and a vegetable competition. Visit our Events page for details.

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