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Rail City Garden Center

Your destination for all things garden!

Welcome to Rail City Garden Center! Local gardeners have trusted us with supplying for their landscapes since 1996, and we don’t disappoint. Come on in to stock up on products and plants, feel zen in our nursery, or plan a magical new landscape with the help of our team.

Our nursery is open to all and is staffed by passionate gardeners who are excited to visualize your dream garden with you while also providing educational assistance along the way. As you’re dreaming, our knowledgeable nursery assistants will cultivate native plant knowledge to make sure your selection is fitting for High Sierra conditions. Our goal is for everyone to feel more like a garden pro after visiting Rail City Garden Center.

About Pawl Hollis

Pawl is the green-thumb expert at Rail City Garden Center!

As the heart and soul of Rail City Garden Center since its opening in 1996, Pawl has successfully created a nursery experience that is incomparable to most. He is known as the Master of Gardens by many Reno/Sparks locals for his infinite knowledge, expert advice, and community involvement.

What makes Rail City Garden Center so unique and valuable to the Truckee Meadows area is Pawl’s effort of giving back to our local community. He is heavily involved in the UNR extension services Master Gardener Program, offers free classes to the community about gardening, and is the expert on set for the Garden Show every Saturday. Pawl has established a Garden Center that is locally and community-focused as he volunteers at garden-centered community events to extend knowledge, expertise, and helpful hints for all garden go-getters.

The Garden Show

Celebrating 11 years, Dan van Enoo hosts The Garden Show on Saturdays from 8:00 to 10:00 AM at KOH 780AM. The talk show features Rail City Garden Center’s owner, Pawl Hollis, and expert vegetable grower, Randy Robison. Chime into the talk show for garden advice, stories, and ask questions, too!

You can reach the experts at

775.852.TALK (775.852.8225) or 800.564.KKOH (800.564.5564)

You can also send your questions to 3gardenguys@gmail.com 
to have answered the following Saturday.
We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded!
Nevada Contractors License #49148
C-18 Masonry Contractors License #0076665
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