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For those of us in more northern climates, spring brings a time ofanticipation when the ice disappears from the water garden and you get the firstlook at your pond in the spring to see if you favorite aquatic friends survived thewinter.

Clean the pond. Remove all fish and place them in a large pail or barrelof original pond water in a shady spot somewhere. Remove all plants,keeping them wet and also in the shade. If a pond vacuum is available,vacuum the inside of the pond, changing 1/2 to 2/3 of the water.

The water in the pond should be in as good a condition as possible toinsure the survival of the fish during the winter! Water quality isabsolutely first priority, when winterizing your pond. Remove as much organic waste from the bottom of the pond as possibleusing a net and/or vacuum.

Cycles The ideal is to create a natural system that allows cycles to function. All cycles in nature (Water, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorous) work in conjunction with each other, not independently. Why do we focus on the Nitrogen Cycle in particular?

General: ALL health problems that arise with fish are due to STRESS! This is pointed out by the following diagram (called the Venn Diagram): Common problems that arise involve Parasites, Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses. SUMMARY PARASITES: Chilodinella Costia Ichthyophthirius Trichodinia Flukes Argulus Web Sites BACTERIA FUNGI VIRUSES Parasites: We are likely to encounter any one of six types of parasites as follows: Chilodinella (Ciliated Protozoan)Return To List Under the microscope it has the shape of a man’s ear or a modified heart shape and tends to spin around as you observe it. You need to be quick, though, because it only lasts about 4 minutes once placed on a slide – then dies. Once it dies it appears as a large round organism full of tiny bubbles (may resemble Ich but does not have a crescent-shaped nucleus – nor is there any motion). “This organism is one of the fastest fish killers there is. ” (References made in quotes are taken from Koi Health and Disease by Erik L. Johnson, D.

Protein Essential to Koi and Goldfish Do not use a one-sided protein source as certain essential amino acids may be lacking. Choose 2 good quality foods and mix them (along with some treats! Some foods become rancid at room temperature)

By Dr. Erik L. Johnson, Veterinarian AAA Assess <> Assure <> Attack Assess, Assure, and then Attack. All fish sickness is a complex relationship of Pond Conditions, Fish Condition, and the “Bug” (Pathogen). “AAA” stands for the simple steps of “Assess, Assure, and Attack. ” That is, “Assess” the fish and pond, then “Assure” a healthy pond for the sick fish, then “Attack” the Bug. If you skimmed the above, you should re-read it, and understand that a failure to understand and deploy all three components of disease control will inevitably lead to failure. All the medicine in the land will NOT heal a fish that continues to live in an unclean pond. Conversely, a perfectly managed pond will not prevent a fish from being vulnerable to a serious But, and so on. “AAA” can be digested into Twenty “Action” Items, executed or considered in this EXACT order EVERY single time.