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Columbines brighten both sides of my shady, front-yard path. The little congregation on one side came as plants from a catalog, while those on the other were nurtured, by me, from a palmful of shiny, black seeds to a drift of long-spurred flowers. Guess which ones give me the most satisfaction? Maternal pride isn’t the only reward that I get from starting seeds. I’ve also gained a greener thumb and a fatter wallet – a packet of seeds provides 20 or more plants for the price of a single potted plant. Click here to read the rest of this great article.

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Aquatic, Pond and Water Features

There are a variety of benefits to having a pond or water garden in your backyard or property. From additional interest in the yard to providing wildlife education for yourself as well as family members.

The sight and sound of water flowing is relaxing, soothing, and a great way to de-stress after a long day. And having your own refreshing personal oasis is relatively within any budget! No deep pockets needed!

Aquatic & Pond Articles

Edible Plantings

Instead of the usual plants, shrubs and trees – try edible plants, shrubs and trees! Start with foundation plantings like include cherry, apple, apricot, peaches, pear, and plums trees. Or try the dwarf varieties if space is limited. Add some berries for an even more mouth-watering view! Natives such as currents, elderberry, and serviceberry shrubs are a great addition. Accent your edible with berries! Strawberries and raspberries can be grown in tight places and you’ll reap the benefits in bounty!

Fruiting Plants, Shrubs & Tree Articles

We update this section of our website to include articles pertaining to caring for your lawn and garden, pond, water plants, fish and turtles and your fruiting plants, shrubs and trees. Please check back often.

All content and educational resources have been sourced from the following: Utah State University, Colorado State University.

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