Citrus x ‘Meyeri’ and Citrus x ‘Eureka’/ Lemon Meyer and Eureka

SIZE: : 5 gallon

Light – Place your tree near a south-facing window that receives direct sunlight. Lemon tree care indoors, like all citrus trees, includes full sun exposure for at least six hours each day.
Water – Check the soil for dampness every other day. If the soil surface feels dry, use a finger to dig into the soil to feel whether or not it is damp farther down. Check to a depth of 3 inches. If the soil is damp, wait another day to water the soil. If the soil is dry, then provide 4 to 6 cups of water.
Fertilizer – Add a citrus fertilizer to the pot’s soil every six to eight weeks starting in spring to boost its nutrient level.
Temperature – Comfortable cooler indoor temperatures. Keep the lemon tree’s overall room temperature relatively cool. The University of Minnesota Extension recommends maintaining a room temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 10 degrees lower at night.


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