Philodendron monstera ‘Split Leaf’

SIZE: 10 inch

Light – Split leaf philodendrons do best with a few hours of bright, indirect sunlight every day. You can place them in a south-facing window so that the sun does not shine directly onto them. Hot, direct sunlight can potentially burn the plant and damage it.
Water – Split leaf philodendrons like moist soil (much like in the jungle) but be careful not to overwater the plant. You should water your split leaf philodendron when the first couple inches of soil have dried. Water the soil thoroughly until it has all been soaked and allow the water to drain. Don’t worry if you forget to water your plant! Split leaf philodendrons are very hardy and can survive with less water. However, if you notice yellowing, it could be a sign they need water. Generally, you should water them every 7-10 days.
Fertilizer – Growing seasons for plants are usually around spring and summer. If you consistently repot and add new soil, you don’t need to give your split leaf philodendron extra fertilizer. However, if the plant starts showing signs of yellowing or is not growing as fast as it used to, you can give it a balanced liquid fertilizer. During the fall and winter, plants are usually more dormant and do not need extra fertilizer.
Temperature & humidity – Room temperatures around 65-80°F are perfect for your split leaf philodendron. They naturally grow in the jungle’s warm, humid environments but can adapt to your home just fine. However, be sure not to let the house go any lower than 60°F, as it could be less tolerable for your split leaf philodendron. Split leaf philodendrons also love humidity. Generally, a good humidity level is around 40%. You can spritz the plant every day or use a humidifier in the room to keep moisture levels high.


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